Storytelling Canada

Storytelling, Drumming & Songs from Denmark

The Old Danish Myths and Folk tales are telling of a destiny of people, who has been living with nature for many many years, long before the travellers, warriors and Christians came and changed their lives.

Most of the ancient wisdom is gone.
hough some of it is still to be found in the old stories.
As long as we keep telling these stories, this wisdom will remain. Stories of The little people, Wiches, Snakedragons and Dancing elves. Songs of Giants, Ravens and The Bony man.

My name is Susanne Emmysdatter Behnke

I am a Canadian/ Dane
I am born in Ontatio. I left Canada with my parents, when I was 5years old, and have lived in Denmark since..

I live as a storieteller in Denmark, and have done a deep searching in the old Danisch storytelling culture.

I will be in Canada in October 2008
I am happy to share my knowledge, storytelling and singing in Canada.

I tell stories because i like the stories, and because I like the deepness and wonderness in them.